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Entry #2

Fuck newgrounders.

2013-02-04 16:44:07 by QwerkZone

Well, it's come to my opinion that 75% of the users on newgrounds are fuckheads with no souls. Almost all of the haters *in my case all of them* don't have a single ANIMATION! FUCK YOU, make one before voting. I'd like to see you do better than me. Know what, if I can't be appreciated here, I'm out and I'm leaving two words.


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2013-02-04 17:30:37

Fuck me.


2013-02-04 18:14:15

thats silly, you dont have to make something to be a critic of it. An opinion is an opinion, not a comparison or contest.


2013-02-04 18:15:45

Ah, the ageold "If you cant make anything better, so shutup"
This is a rather flawed argument as if we compare it to a chef, if a chef gives you crap food, and makes you sick, the chef can't really say "Oh yeah, if you cant make anything better, you have no right to complain".
Which of course is silly! The food is still crap, no matter your own culinary abilities, and you went to get the food as a consumer, not a fellow chef.

Knowing what you like, and being good at the things you like are NOT the same, and it should never be implied that it is the same.


2013-02-04 18:46:33

I used to feel this way too, back when I was a dickhead asshole.

Just because someone can't make something else doesn't mean they can't critique it, Maybe those people can't animate but they know what bad animating looks like and can compare good from bad, as we all can.

So instead of complaining about criticism, take it and use it to your advantage, use those comments as the fuel for your animating fire. Take their advice or if they are those shit comments usually saying something to the effect of, "omg u suck", use those as motivation. Try and better yourself so that you can look back at those faggots and say "HAHA BITCH EAT A DICK I CAN ANIMATE WELL NOW!"


2013-02-04 18:46:45

What a wonderful compliment!


2013-02-04 19:22:31

You ought to read my news post


2013-02-04 20:00:19

bonkers status
unclonked []
clonked [x]


2013-02-05 09:17:09

Don't worry about it too much mate, you just keep posting your animations and forget about the haters. Just do you :)


2013-02-05 10:58:37

YEAH FUCK THEM !! oh wait ...


2013-02-05 18:36:58

So you are gonna fuck me... for FREE? O.O how generous can you be?